What is Tent-Pegging

Tent pegging is one of the official equestrian disciplines officially recognized in the world.

Tent Pegging is originally named after a war exercise conducted by the mounted cavalry, galloping (attacking) the enemies camps in the break of dawn, aiming the tent pegs with sharp weapons like Lances and swords , cutting the ropes of the tents so they fall on enemies , creating panic.

We the Arabs have taken pride and are known to be the first civilization to have ridden horses bare back and concurring , winning the wars through our skill at arms (Swords and Lances)

Tent Pegging in the world

Tent pegging is an internationally recognized sport played in more than 30 countries of the world. It is governed by the International Tent pegging Federation, (ITPF).

A World Tent pegging Championship is held every second year in member countries of the ITPF. Top 10 teams are selected after winning their qualifying rounds . These qualifying rounds are conducted regionally, in which at least 25 countries compete. National championship is held under UAEERF every year at the end of the season in April, followed by regional competitions.

Tent Pegging General insight

  1. One of the fastest growing Equestrian sport.
  2. Very robust and structured sport.
  3. Very practical and help to strengthen your basic hand and eye coordination.
  4. Tent Pegging is an all terrain and can be played on any horse which can gallop in a straight line.
  5. A huge spectator gathering sport.

Tent Pegging Character

  1. It is a sport of knights and Cavaliers.
  2. Watched and loved by the most common and simple to understand.
  3. This sport is viewed by masses which attracts people by thousands.
  4. Tent pegging is very fast sport which gives the result in split seconds, making it exciting to watch.
  5. seeks to be an olimpic game .